validity of his previous marriage according to islam

validity of his previous marriage according to islam

Postby muslim bosnian girl » Thu Nov 21, 2013 4:38 am

Esselamu aleikum,
My husband committed zina when he was 21, and that girl stayed pregnant. Her family forced him through threats (they threaten to hurt or kill him or his family) to marry her. They both did not want to marry, but had to do that because of her family pressure. They married around 5 months before the child was born. He had a silent deal with her to get divorced 7 days after the wedding, and she accepted, but after the marriage she changed her mind and rejected to divorce. In Bosnian civil law, it is hard to get divorce, without both parties’ agreement. The just had a civil not religious wedding. I think did not repent before doing this wedding. Finally he managed to divorce her a few years after the wedding, because she and her family finally let him go, and signed the divorce papers. They did not live together, not practice marriage. He had to accept the child and give him his name, under Bosnian law system. Now he is not seeing the child nor paying for him.
My question is, was that marriage valid according to Islam, and is this child his? I really sincerely hope that it is not, because I really dislike his past. He is now a very good Muslim, and a good husband to me. Only his mother is alway talking about this child, and wants him to keep seeing him and have a close relationship with him. His ex wiffe is now married, and has another child. She is a singer on TV.
May Allah bless you for this answer.
muslim bosnian girl
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Re: validity of his previous marriage according to islam

Postby mikejm3 » Thu Nov 21, 2013 2:41 pm

did he do a paternity test that shows the child is not his? if not what makes you think it's not his child?
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